Conference SMAR 2017


Structural Health Monitoring

- Smart sensors
- Wireless sensor networks
- Implementation of structural monitoring
- Monitoring of off-shore structures and oil pipelines
- Monitoring of high rise buildings and bridges
- Advanced inspection and testing
- System identification and model updating

Performance and damage assessment

- Safety evaluation and reliability forecast

Shape memory alloys in civil structures

- Nickel-titanium, Copper or Iron-based SMA
- Application of SMA for civil structures using 
special properties such as Damping, Superelasticity, 

- Shape memory effect of Ductility


Damage control, repair and strengthening

- External strengthening using FRP composites
- Strengthening of concrete, timber and steel structures
- Confinement of concrete columns
- Near surface mounting reinforcement
- Seismic Safety Assessment, Rehabilitation and Monitoring

Durability issues as related to harsh environments

- Fire protection systems


Practical applications and case studies

Visionary Concepts






Conference Flyer (Download PDF-File)

Keynotes Lectures
  • Prof. Riadh Al-Mahaidi, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
    "Advanced hybrid experimental/simulations strategies for safer structures"
  • Prof. Katrin Beyer, EPF Lausanne, Switzerland
    "Seismic retrofit of cultural heritage buildings - when less is more"
  • Prof. Sam Kono, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    "Efforts to develop resilient reinforced concrete building structures in Japan"
  • Prof. Stefano Pampanin, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
    "Towards the practical implementation of performance-based assessment and retrofit strategies of RC buildings: challenges and solutions"
  • Prof. Oded Rabinovitch, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
    "Dynamic modeling challenges in strengthening existing structures with advanced composites"
International Scientific Committee
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The official language of the conference is English.

Mirko Ros award for the best papers

  • 1 paper in the field of “monitoring and assessment” and
  • 1 paper in the field of “rehabilitation of civil structures”

Selected best papers will be proposed to be published in a Journal Special Issue of the Polymer Journal (online, open access) or in the Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering (Springer), dedicated to SMAR 2017 conference.

Journal Special Issue of the Polymer Journal - please see here


For more information please contact

Mrs. Bernadette Havranek
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