Organization SMAR 2017


Prof. Dr. Masoud MOTAVALLI, Empa, Switzerland

Masoud Motavalli is the Head of the Structural Engineering Research Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology, EMPA and lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH-Zurich. He is a Professor at the University of Tehran, Iran, Faculty of Civil Engineering, as well as Adjunct Professor at the Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He organized or co-organized several successful international conferences, such as CICE2008 in Zurich, SHMII2009 in Zurich, SMAR2011 in Dubai, SMAR2013 in Istanbul and SMAR2015 in Antalya, Turkey.


Prof. Dr. Alper ILKI; Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Alper Ilki is a professor of structural engineering at Istanbul Technical University. He is the author or co-author of more than 40 journal papers and more than 140 international conference papers. He has supervised 8 completed PhD theses and 50 MSc theses. The main theme of his academic studies is the seismic behavior of reinforced concrete and masonary structures, seismic assessment and retrofitting.


Organization Committee


- Mrs. Bernadette Havranek, Empa
- Mrs. Pinar Inci, ITU Istanbul


Local Committee 

- Caglar Goksu, ITU
- Mustafa Cömert, ITU
- Cem Demir, ITU
- Ugur Demir, ITU
- Robert Widmann, Empa
- Bernadette Havranek, Empa
- Daniele Inaudi, Smartec
- Eleni Chatzi, ETHZ


For more information please contact

Mrs. Bernadette Havranek
Empa, Switzerland


Mrs. Pinar Inci
ITU, Istanbul